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Know Yourself DVD Series

The Know Yourself DVD series is a course in well-being designed to help people increase self-understanding, manage stress, and find deeper contentment in their lives. It teaches exercises to foster calmness, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mind-body health. The series builds on the research and clinical work of Dr. C. Robert Cloninger, who is Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Genetics, and Director of the Center for Well-Being at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Adapted for the 21st century, Know Yourself offers an approach to mental and physical well-being that is based on the latest research in psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and mind-body health, including studies on self-awareness, personality, positive thought, and life satisfaction.

Each part of Know Yourself follows a clear sequence: there is an introduction, feature discussion, brief review, and description of recommended exercises. Visual aids, natural imagery, and an original soundtrack have all been carefully arranged to promote learning and foster calmness. This approach makes the Know Yourself series a powerful and innovative tool for increasing health and happiness in all aspects of life.

The course is ideal for individual use as a personal development tool, for professional use as an adjunct to therapy, and for classroom use as an educational aid. To gain exclusive access to the DVDs and certification to use them to help others, enroll in Anthropedia’s Well-Being Coach Certification Program. If you or someone you know are interested in this series for personal use, please contact us to find a certified Anthropedia Well-Being Coach in your area who will provide you with the DVDs and help guide/coach you through the series.


The first five parts of the 16-DVD series are:

Part 1: Exploring Your Personality
The first part of the series focuses on three ways to foster lasting satisfaction. Using an internationally recognized personality test, you will discover how your character and temperament both help and hinder your well-being.

Part 2: Understanding Thought
The second part of the series examines the three steps of thought. Understanding these steps and potential traps in thinking will help you adapt more easily to stressful events and find greater satisfaction.

Part 3: Quieting the Mind
Part three focuses on the “Silence of the Mind” meditation. This technique will allow you to calm the tensions and struggles in your thoughts, helping you to experience an increased sense of well-being.

Part 4: Opening to the World
In the fourth part of the series, you will learn a meditation called “Union with Nature.” By learning how to open your five senses, you can deepen your natural connection to the world, which will help alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Part 5: Using Intuition
A primary goal of part five is to gain awareness of your outlook on life. You will learn how to actively use your intuition in order to perform the “Silence of the Mind” meditation more easily and effectively.

For more information about the Know Yourself series or our Well-Being Coach Certification Program, please contact us.