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Education for Well-Being

The Anthropedia Foundation educates on ways to become and stay healthy, positive, inspired, productive, and resilient, especially in the face of the stress and challenges of the 21st century.

Our team of educators, trainers, coaches, and multimedia specialists collaborate with experts in medicine, nutrition, psychiatry, psychology, and public health in order to provide health education tools and programs (curricula, questionnaires, workshops, courses, certification programs) for individuals and professionals seeking a sustainable approach to well-being.

We recognize that physical, mental, and spiritual health are connected, and are linked with the health of society and the ecology of the planet. Our courses are effective because they integrate current research on the health of the whole person (body, thoughts, and psyche), as well as ways to improve one’s personal environment and social conditions.

By “training the trainers” (teachers, counselors, health educators, social workers, and psychologists) and partnering with schools, hospitals, and other organizations, we impact communities, and empower individuals of all ages to find greater fulfillment and live happier, healthier lives.